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Our Story - Falling in love in Istanbul (Journal)


My name is Monica.  An Asian-Canadian girl with a 9-5 corporate job and a part-time entrepreneur who likes to turn my hobbies into side businesses.  I love travel and food.  I enjoy cooking.  While other may find it messy and time consuming, I find it soothing and encourages creativity.  From creating menus and recipes, to shopping for the ingredients and turn them into delicious meals.  The entire cooking process is my stress therapy, especially when I am cooking for the people I care.

I also love to travel.  I first set foot in the mysterious and beautiful city - Istanbul, Turkey - in 2014.  It was on my bucket list and I have planned for months for this trip.  Not only I fell in love with this place that fills with rich history and culture, I have also found my "Mr. Right".  His name is Serdar

In 2016, we gave birth to our “child” - using the initial of our first name, we created MS Designs & Co.  Combining with my entrepreneur experiences and Serdar's local connections, we started working with local families who have been making Turkish towels for centuries.  We wanted to introduce the Turkish traditions of hand-woven products using the finest cotton that creates the softest towels and blankets that you could ever find. 

Today, MS Designs & Co. creates, collects and curates quality home goods from small-batch makers and independent manufacturers to your simple living style home.  There is also something very personal and close to my heart.  MS Designs & Co. is not only a place where you can find beautiful home goods, but it is also a place where I can share my creations and my recipes.  Through my blogs, MS Designs & Co gathers food lovers around the world to create a community.

Three months ago, we adopted a new member to our family – Oreo.  Check out her instagram account to find out more about our daily routine with our girl.



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